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Acs/ dept of education help

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Acs/ dept of education help

Hi everyone-

ive been fighting with acs/ dept of education regarding my account.  I have quite a few lates- luckily Acs is no longer the servicer.  I've disputed the accounts- come back verified every time.  I gw acs, but no luck.  I emailed the obudsman and they are unwilling to help with the GW.  After further research, I noticed there are some reporting errors And brought them to attention to the ombudsman- they reached out to the servicer who would update it.  I reviewed my credit report today and saw the date was updated, but no changes were made.


i want to get these account deleted- especially since I have a new servicer who is reporting.  Any ideas how to move forward with ACS or the Ombudsman?

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