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Advice Please

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Advice Please

In the past few weeks, I have gotten two accounts out of collections and a judgement vacated.  I'm waiting for the CBs to update.  Will probably pull scores in a month.


This leaves two charged off accounts on my CR.  One settled for less than full amount (Chase) and one I'm still paying off (BOA).


How much can I expect my CR to raise after the accounts in collection and judgement (hit report in March, 2012) are deleted?  Someone said 5 points for a judgement.  That would be pretty disappointing


I don't know what else to do after this.  Based on the simulations here, even if I paid the open charged off account in full, my score still wouldn't improve much.  The simulations never include remobing public records or negative accounts though.  Not sure why.


I also made a huge mistake I think. I have one Cap One credit card (cl=500) and am an AU on a visa signature.  My SO charged 1200 on the visa sig and now my utilization says 98%.  I kid you not.  Do I need to avoid "flexible spending credit cards" altogether?


So, getting disappointed and sort of lost...any deep thoughts would be much appreciated.


Credit At-A-Glance

Total past due [?]             Credit history [?]              Accounts with negative indicators [?]

$3,680                               16 Years                            2

Total balance of 

Your revolving accounts [?] $20,075 (includes charged off acct currently paying on and 1200 from visa sig)

Your mortgages [?] None 

Your installment loans [?] $0 

Total number of 

Accounts [?] 15  

Accounts with balances [?] 3  

Accounts opened in past year [?] 2  

Recent inquiries [?] 1  

Collections [?] 2 

Public Records [?] 1 


Starting Score: 570
Current Score: 604
Goal Score: 740+

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Re: Advice Please

You need to get your UTI down! There was a poster on another thread that went from 117% to 1% and gained something like 90 points.


If the judgement is truly removed and doesn't appear on your reports that would be good for 30 to 70 points. Judgements are really bad.

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