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Advice Please!

Auto Loans for ANY Credit Situation. Immediate Response.
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Re: Advice Please!

Wow !!! Thanks so much for all of this help. I really didn't think I would get responses so quickly. I really appreciate it .
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Re: Advice Please!

OKay, Wonderin' & sidewinder, y'all are slippin!!!
you forgot, in all of that great information, to gently chastise our newbie about:
1- paying a CA with ANY payment instrument containing your personal banking information
2- sending ANYTHING to a CA that contains your legal signature
So, for future reference ~ never, ever, ever pay any CA with a personal check, your credit / debit card or anything that has your signature on it!  Live by the money order when paying CAs and make sure it's a money order that does NOT require your signature! 
Many of the CAs would happily use your personal banking info to collect unauthorized funds AND when you sign something, that signature can develop a nasty habit of showing up on documents where you NEVER put it!!!
I'm here because I decided to stop hiding from my FICOS, CAs and OCs ~ and man, do I feel freer!

"We can forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light." ~Plato
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