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Advice, help , tips anything to help me

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Advice, help , tips anything to help me

Hey i'm looking for some help/advice to get my credit score up. I'm looking for employment where my credit score definitly comes into play and i need to show im on the irght path. I pretty much dont know what to do at this point, i was recently declined for a secured credit card. I have several accounts in collections, huge student loans, and several cards have been charged off. I settled 2 accounts several years ago but they show as paid/settled for less. Currently my Credit Score is approx ~500 on all 3 buerus. Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Advice, help , tips anything to help me

Focus on repair. Even if you add a new credit account it wouldn't mean your score would rebound. Read through these forums and you'll find that most of these posts are a how-to on getting a cleaner report.

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