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Advice on Bally's?

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Advice on Bally's?

After being ignored when I sent Document Verifications, and, according to someone I hired they've ignored his calls/letters since July asking for docs, offering to pay for delete, and this from both credit and legal departments, nor have they taken these to collections, sent me letters, anything. I sort of find it hard to believe they'd not at least reply to him and say 'Forget the Pay for DELTE, just PAY' since we're on the radar now.


In any event, I have the two COs on my Experian, would like them off. I drafted a very nice letter to an exec, explained I am a current member in good standing, had perfect memberships as far back as 1990, and the account in question was when I moved from SF to NY to care for sick dad, i.e. it was abberation IF in fact it is delinquint.


In any event I apologized for taking his time, explained no one else would reply, that I wanted to pay the debt IF valid and pointed out IF valid was not reflective of current or past relationship going back almost 20 years and would he simply accept pay for delete w/o further trouble of docs/etc.


My only concern is this; fell of TU last year, currently on Experian.  The LAST thing in the world I want is for them to put BACK on TU or Efax, but I really need it off Experian as I need 3 clean report and also need to apply for Amex.


Any thoughts on how to best insure this does not end up making things worse? I am in something of a quandry here...

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Re: Advice on Bally's?

nycc2, you need to be posting all these things over on Rebuilding Your Credit, not on Understanding FICO Scoring. RYC is where the battle-scarred veterans are.

Moving to RYC.
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