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Advice on a weird collection please?

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Advice on a weird collection please?

Have a weird collection. In early 2008 left a condo I owned that I could no longer afford and thought they were foreclosing immediately. The city water department had a quarterly storm drain assessment they would bill me for every 3 months. My date of first delinquency on this account was around 2/2008. Never paid it again. It actually took the bank almost 2 years to Foreclose which it did officially on 12/09. I recently discovered a collection through a CA with the city as the original creditor for the unpaid storm drain Assesment from 2/08 to 12/09 while I was still on the condos title. 


I would like to take care of this, but two issues. 1. The current amount is about twice what the total unpaid assessments were, im guessing due to fees and interest. 2. The CA is not reporting a DOFD, but it shows on all my reports as coming off around 12/2016. So it looks like they are using the Foreclosure date of 12/2009 as the DOFD when it should be the first payment I missed and never paid again which was 2/2008,


My plan is to DV them and ask how they are calculating the amount. I will then offer a PFD because I want to handle this, but if they refuse a PFD, I would at least like them to agree to remove it on the correct date, before I pay it so the paid collection doesn't show for almost an extra two years. This shows as an open utility collection which makes me look really flakey (which I kind of am I guess, but not that flakey!) Am I on the right track with my plan here or does anyone have any other advice? Thanks! 

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Re: Advice on a weird collection please?

Yes, send the DV.  The DOFD is the first time you went delinquint on the account and didn't bring it back up to current.  It has nothing to do with the foreclosure date.

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