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Advice on accounts

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Advice on accounts

I pulled my boyfriend's report from Equifax today. He has 4 charge offs:


Capital One $4915 DOFD 10/09

Discover $6431 DOFD 6/09

Sun Trust $18,541 DOFD 3/10 HELOC

Truliant $6216 DOFD 5/10 (repo'd car)


They are all still showing a balance and there doesn't seem to be any CA activity. The SOL on CC debt is 3 years. Interesting enough, his Length of history is 2005 years, 4 months lol. Anyway, I'm thinking we should approach Cap1 and Discover about a repayment plan before they get sold and collections show up. Currently he has one collection with a cable company. We have paid that balance to reinstate the service so I'm hoping we will be able to get that removed. Is that a sound plan? I'm at a loss for the HELOC and the repo. Aside from the accounts above, he has 9 other accounts with a flawless history of payment. No current, revolving debt. Any direction would be appreciated.



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Re: Advice on accounts

I'd go ahead and see if he can pay Cap1 and Discover.  You can be assured there will be a CA coming after those.  The other 2 are pretty big too.  He's gonna have to do something about those, I can see a judgment coming in his future for those large amounts.

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