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Advice on removing two old debts

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Advice on removing two old debts

Hi everyone! So I've been trying to rebuild my credit (of what little I had). I'd been uneducated about credit, but since I'm turning 21, about to graduate and looking to finance a car next year, I decided to become more responsible about my finances. I just got approved for an Orchard Bank CC with a limit of $300, so I'm soo happy about that, and it made me even more determined to fix my credit up. In the past, due to my ignorance and just being careless, I obtained some reported negative debts from library fines and an old cell phone bill. Recently, I paid my debt with my library and, through the advice of my sister, disputed the debt listing on Experian. Experian removed it today, along with my old cell phone bill! The library fine listing was already not reporting on EQ, and it's still on TU (I plan to dispute it, do whatever's necessary to get that listing removed) I still owe that cell phone bill, but EX removed it along with my library debt (I don't know why, I disputed only the library debt). My question is, what should I do next? I'm trying to get the library debt removed from TU, as well as the cell phone debt from EQ and TU. I'd like to pay the cell phone debt (I know I legitimately owe them, when I switched over to Verizon I never paid T-mobile the ETF) Should I do a PFD? The cell phone debt is under the Plaza Aid Associates CA, and it's just under $300.



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Re: Advice on removing two old debts

If you're library collection is with Unique National, it'll fall off at one year or so of being paid, so if you aren't in a real hurry, it'll happen. I don't believe they'll remove earlier than that, but they won't report longer than that either.

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