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Advised On Closed CC Account

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Advised On Closed CC Account

Hello everyone,


I was hoping to get some advised on this matter. Currently, an old department store credit card still appears on my credit report, the status of it is CLOSED but I'm wondering if I should make a request to have it taken off or even if I can. I'm not sure if it helps my FICO score or lowers it, its an account that was opened in 1997 but it shows the following information:


Opened on 7/01/1997

Payment Status: Paid, was a charge-off

History: Last reported KD on 8/2006 and OK on 9/2006


Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


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Re: Advised On Closed CC Account

Welcome to the forums!


This account is "probably" not helping your scores unless its your oldest trade line. Since your question is about fixing a negative item on your reports, I'm moving your post to the rebuilding your credit forum.


--fused, myfico moderator 

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