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Afni Delete

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Re: Afni Delete

I had a $638 collection with T-Mobile that Afni was reporting.  T-Mobile was not reporting.   Afni kept sending me settlement letters.  The last one that I received was an offer to settle for $50. I tried to get them to agree to a PFD, but they refused--kept saying that they don't exchange payments for deletions.   I decided to pay the settlement so I could be rid of it, and figured that if someone did a manual review of my CR at least they would see that it was paid even though it was settled for a lesser amount.  This was early in my rebuilding, but if I had to do it over again I would have asked for them to note it simply as paid, not 0 balance, paid, settled for a lesser amount.  I was able to get Asset Acceptance to do that with a collection that I had with them after I learned on here to ask for it.  Within a couple of weeks, my CR was updated to the original balance minus the $50 payment, and within another couple of weeks was updated to paid with a 0 balance, but settled for a lesser amount.  I made another phone call to Afni asking for a GW deletion, but they refused saying again that they don't exchange payments for deletions.  I decided to just let it go for a while before I tried again.  About a month later to my great surprise, the Afni entry disappeared from my credit report.

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Re: Afni Delete

Hopefully ill get my delete soon> 

Have a blessed day! =)
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