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After 6 years Cavalry finally deleted account!!

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After 6 years Cavalry finally deleted account!!

Wow, after fighting with Cavalry for 6 years trying to get the same Bank Of America debt deleted from my Credit Report.

I took the time to FAX them a letter, didn't feel like mailing. The letter was a request to provide proof that the account balance was valid,

account belonged to me and etc.


Letter reads


Bank Of America

Amount : $3,501

Account : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Dear ..................


Cavalry is in receipt of your letter of dispute made persuant to the FCRA.


We have received your dispute. Basded on our investigation and your claim, we have requested that the consumer reporting agencies delete Cavalry's tradeline from your credit report. All collection efforts have been ceased and will not resume.


Customer Relations Department



So I been disputing via the Credit Bureaus and had never sent them a official letter before now, crazy huh?

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Re: After 6 years Cavalry finally deleted account!!

Congrats on that success!!
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