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Ally Auto Loan

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Ally Auto Loan

Hi all.  Following up on an ally auto loan that I have one 30d late payment on from May 2021.  Every GW attempt with Ally has gone flat.  Looking at my CRs and my husband's CRs, I've noticed something interesting.  On our Joint Account, only my CR is taking the 30d late hit.  Ally is not reporting that 30d late on his CRs at all.  I've pulled the actual reports from annualcreditreport for both of us for all three bureaus.  


Should I leave this alone or push Ally to rectify this?  I don't want his reports to take the hit too, I guess, which I fear Ally may do if I bring it to their attention. But it also seems unfair that I am taking a CR hit for a joint account late payment, (which btw I still very much believe should not be the case, as this account was most certainly on auto draft, as is literally every single other account I have with any creditors).  My ideal outcome would be obviously goodwill from Ally to exclude reporting of this 30d late due to their own faulty systems that kicked out my autodraft payment for unknown reasons.


What would you do here?  Ally is known to not budge on much of anything, as far as I can tell.


Previously posted in 2022:
Has anyone had recent success on goodwill with Ally on a paid and closed account?  One 30d late in May 2021 when autodraft that was literally always On changed itself to Off.  Got the 30d ding, became aware of what happened, and immediately rectified it.  We went back and forth with Ally and they would never remove the late notation, even after verbally saying to my spouse that they would.  Now that we no longer have an open account with Ally, we cannot log in to see about sending a secured message.  Snail mail is the only option for goodwill letters, as far as I can tell.  I have not yet found a CEO email or executive office email of any sort to address this.  

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Re: Ally Auto Loan

My first thought would be to let it alone as if you dispute this or contact them they will most likely update your DH's TL to include the 30 ... unless he's in the doghouse and this is punshment? haha jk. After, continue with GWs ... I've seen a few Ally auto GW success stories here. Too, a 30 begins to lose its sting after about 2 years.

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