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Am I on the right path?

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Am I on the right path?

Hello everyone!


Been lurking for a while, finally coming out of the woodwork after doing some work on my credit over the last 6-12 months.


Less than a year ago I was sitting at an abysmal 470 across all 3 bureaus. I had a ton of baddies from 2012 when something called life happened and I was an underprepared young 20 something. I have done alot of work in paying off any old collections. which I am happy to report there are no longer any collections on my reports just some aging charged-off accounts which should drop off next year.


Currently I am sitting at 
EX: 628 FICO 8
TU: 640 FICO 8
EQ: 637 FICO 8


I was added as an authorized user on 2 credit cards, one was a few years old decent CL, the other is a new account with a high CL. In addition I had my own capital one card with a sub $3K CL. I also have since december opened up 3 new cards. One is a garbage card I'll probably have less than a year I just wanted it as another positive account it's from First Access with a tiny $300 CL that I had to pay to get, but I was ok with that. I also got approved for a Capital One Quicksilver One, and I just got a Discover It secured card with a $300 CL(for now).


I just want to make sure I am on the right path. I am not going to app for anything for a little while and focus on keeping my balances as low as possible. I am going to do my best to keep the First Acces, QS1 and Discover at a $0 PIF every month. I also am going to work on paying down my other Capital One down from it's 90% UTL. As I am doing that I also am going to be setting aside money every paycheck to build my savings and have a cushion. Reason for the rebuild is I am sick of not being able to do stuff after having damaged credit for so long, and I want to buy a new car next year once the dust settles.



  • 470s to 635s in less than a year
  • 3 new credit cards in last 2 months
  • Added as AU on 2 cards recently
  • 90% UTL on one card need to pay down
  • Working on paying down card balance and building savings account
  • Am I on the right path?
EX 650 | TU 696 | EQ 684 (05/09/18)
EX 586 | TU 603 | EQ 575 (12/07/17)

Quicksilver - $2750
QuicksilverOne - $400
Discover It Secured - $300
First Access(Cancelled soon!) - $500
Self Lender Account
American Express BCE - $500
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Re: Am I on the right path?

Some CRAs will chop accounts off your reports early is asked. Especially the ones that haven't been updated in a while.
No parking allowed!

Great work on those scores. Keep it up!!
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