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AmEx Hardship Plan & Rehabbing

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AmEx Hardship Plan & Rehabbing

I have an American Express card that is enrolled in a a 60 month hardship plan with them. The card is getting close to being paid off and I have made all the payments on time. Has anyone successfully reopened their AmEx card after being part of one of these plans? I know AmEx is good about reopening accounts if you pay off the old balances via the Oasis program, so I am wondering if their goodwill works with this other type of arrangment. I would like to reopen my Blue Cash card if at all possible as I am rebuilding and because my financial situation has improved significantly since I entered this program.


Re: AmEx Hardship Plan & Rehabbing

I vaguely remember reading a post stating that they did in fact reopen the account. 

Hopefully the will reopen for you. Good luck! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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