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AmEx charge off...scared

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AmEx charge off...scared

if i pay the following off will it raise or lower my score...they are offering the Oasis program and the optima card....what would you is scheduled to fall of in Nov. of 2010... thanx for the advice...
Status as of [?] Nov, 2003 Date opened [?] Nov, 2003 Date of last activity [?] Nov, 2003 Date of last payment [?] Not Reported Date closed [?] Not Reported Account number [?] XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Loan type [?] Credit Card, Terms REV Credit limit [?] Not Reported Largest past balance [?] $1,776 Terms [?] 1 Month Account Type [?] Revolving Account holder [?] Individual Scheduled payment amount [?] Not Reported Account status [?] Account is Closed
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Re: AmEx charge off...scared

Pay it!  Anyone who can afford to pay their AMEX debt and get into OASIS should jump at the chance.  Besides, they blacklist you for life if you dont pay them!  Smiley Wink
edit---   It might raise your score slightly if the debt is counting toward your utility.  Otherwise, paying off a collection is just as bad as an unpaid collection..  Its the dumbest thing ever.. but its true!

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