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AmEx may be trying to emergency

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Re: AmEx may be trying to emergency

sry for the confusion i pulled ALL 3 reports and they are all telling me that i have no public records.
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Re: AmEx may be trying to emergency should slow down a little bit.  There is nothing you can do right this second anyway. 
I have heard that you can ask a judge to delay passing judgement for xxx days so you can attempt to pay the balance and avoid having a judgement placed on your credit report.  But if SOL has passed, I would state that.
They are probably banking on the notion that you won't show.  Prove them wrong.
Most importantly, calm down.  Easy for me to say, I know- but you won't help yourself unless you are clear-headed.  Spend this weekend slowly collecting whatever documents you can find that may be useful to you later in court.
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