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American Web Loan / Midwest Recovery

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American Web Loan / Midwest Recovery

Does anyone have any experience with American Web Loan? Collection now being pursued by Midwest Recovery?

I sent a complaint to CFPB, and just finally received a response and they can't send the complaint to them...

AWL is a predatory lender that I paid over and over again in interest before finally letting it go. The original loan was $190 and they are reporting and trying to collect $960 from me! It's several years old, but just reported this year.


Any advice would be very much appreciated.



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Re: American Web Loan / Midwest Recovery


I just pushed this to the side for now, not knowing where to go with it (after responding to what I thought was an auto email address at CFPB to try Midwest Recovery). I never heard back.

That said, on Monday morning I happened to log onto Credit Karma and it was REMOVED!! I never got anything from CFPB, but I looked up my original complaint, and found that they sent it off to the FTC. Guess that did the trick!



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Re: American Web Loan / Midwest Recovery

Nice, congratulations!

Gardening until...

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