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Amex Blacklist Option

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Amex Blacklist Option

I would know some of your advice as to what to do? I burned them like more than 20 plus years and they still won't let me in. I'm really to a point if I should go ahead and pay my debt off and be done with it. Any advice what is the best course for this? I have been a member with them since 95 or 98. 

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Re: Amex Blacklist Option

Two options:


  1. Call them and find out what you owe and pay them and hope they offer you the rebuilder card program (Optima).
  2. Wait it out until they let you back in.

The general rule of thumb is that they "forgive" 15 years from CO or BK, but some folks got in at 10 years and some got in sooner.  No one knows what they wait 15 years for one and give forgiveness to another at 6 years.



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Re: Amex Blacklist Option

They really should use these forums to solve crimes or figure out economics or something.  I am amazed at crowdsourcing information. 


And Amex in my book never forgets.  I was an AU on my parents account for 6 months in 1995.  My card received in Apr 2017 says member since 1995.  I use the "I've been a member for more than 30 years with Amex and they would never treat me like this... " in every letter (to varying degrees).  I also use it when calling Amex and I want something.  They are trained to say "Yes I see that, thank you for being a member since 1995" -- it's a great way to make a point and at the same time take a dig at them for their elephantine memory.

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