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Another Repo question.

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Another Repo question.

Hi all,


     I have wrote different questions about my repo but here is another. When I got divorced it was in my divorce decree that I was to take financial responsibility for vehicle. Unfortunately, I was not able to afford and had it repo'd. The collection letter is in my name only but it is showing on his credit report too, does that mean he is still financially responsible for the collection? Plus, I was given a settle for half what is owed and am accepting the offer,  but can they still go after him for the remaining balance?

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Re: Another Repo question.

No they can not go after him.  If your decree says you are responsible, and they do go after him, then he will produce the decree to the collectors and they will come to you. 

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Re: Another Repo question.

Great, thanks for your help.

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Re: Another Repo question.

If the loan was in both names, a divorce decree is a private civil matter, and does not prevent the creditor from continuing to seek payment from either or both parties.


The divorce decree can serve as a private basis for one party in the divorce to seek civil action against the other if they fail to comply with the terms of the decree, but does not bind the creditor to seeking repayment from only the "responsible" party named in the divorce decree, or to report to each of the party's credit reports.



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Re: Another Repo question.

Thanks, the letter only has my name on it and he has received nothing from them. I am going to call on Monday and request to put his name on before I agree to settlement. Maybe that is the plan to get half from  me and the other from him..... I send a dispute to Equifax for him but still waiting on their reply. I am assuming it is going to be denied.

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