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Another useful site

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Another useful site

MyFico is great, but I also found a lot of useful information on

Some good instructions, advice, sample letters, etc


Just thought I'd share.

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Re: Another useful site

This site offers FAKO scores so just be aware that the advice may not help your FICO® score.
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Re: Another useful site

I agree, there are many sites out there that give decent credit advice, but many more, in my experience, that dont.

A lot depends upon the independence and lack of commercial interest of the site.  Many are up and running to solicit business.


In the years that I have been on this site, I dont recall any interjection of commercial interest by Fair Isaac on what is said on this site.

I have also spent time on several other credit forums, and can say from experience that the knowledge base and objectivity of those who post on this site is heads above that of any site I have ever viewed, with one possible exception, and that site is devoted almost exclusively to heavy legal issues, and participants are almost all members of the bar.

Not really consumer-oriented.

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