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Any Luck Removing Derogs & Late Payments from Student Loans


Any Luck Removing Derogs & Late Payments from Student Loans

Has anyone had any luck having derogs and late payments removed from student loan accounts. I recently paid off my deliquent student loans, which has already helped my credit a lot. Could I get some of the late payments or derogertory remarks removed with a GW?? They are with the Dept. of Ed./Navient. I appreciate any feedback I receive!

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Re: Any Luck Removing Derogs & Late Payments from Student Loans

When was the date of first delinquency (DoFD)? I had 2 loans with Navient/Dept. of Education and 120+ lates and was able to get an early exclusion (EE) from TU and EX. They just fell off my EQ report earlier this month. I don't know about getting like a goodwill adjustment because I never tried, but you can most certainly get an EE 6 months before they're supposed to drop off. Well, 6 months with TU, 3 with EX, and 1 with EQ.


One of the loans was garnished from my paycheck (the one with Dept. of Education) and the other loan I was able to rehab with Navient and am still paying that off. These loans are from 2011... and now I'm paying almost triple the original amount because of interest.

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