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Any luck settling with TrueAccord?


Any luck settling with TrueAccord?

I called LVNV/Resurgent and they told me I need to talk to TrueAccord to offer a settlement amount on my two accounts. 


Has anyone had any luck with settlement offers with them? On their website they only off pay in full payment plans. I am looking more specifically for a lump sum now settlement.


Thanks for your help!

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Re: Any luck settling with TrueAccord?

I called them and was able to talk down to a 65% settle and it was removed per LVNV's new removal policy. Good Luck!

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Re: Any luck settling with TrueAccord?

I have. One settlement at 44% of the original debt in a lump sum, the other a three part payment plan for about 25% off. The first collection has been removed from my reports, the second should come off within the month.  Pleasant and easy to work with phone reps.

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