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Any luck with Macys Goodwills?

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Any luck with Macys Goodwills?

Hi Folks-- I've been goodwilling Macys for the life of me and they will not budge. I have a chargeoff from 2006. It is slated to come of Feb 2013, but I need it off sooner. Can you guys share your successful goodwill stories and tips?  I'm going to fight until I can't fight anymore.


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Any luck with Macys Goodwills?

Wow. I just came to these forums to research this as well. I have never written a GW letter before, but Macy's is my first destination since I have a 5 year old closed Macy's card with 120 late showing on there. I have read that calling their NAC department may help delete the lates from your credit history. This is what I am going to try to do first before sending out numerous GW letters.

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Re: Any luck with Macys Goodwills?

I recently was able to get Macy's agree to delete some late payments from my credit card history with them. I emailed them and explained what happened in my life to cause me to fall behind on payments (in my case it was attorney's fees for my divorce in 2009), they responded to my email with a number to call them, and the person who answered the phone got immediate approval from his supervisor to delete. They even faxed me a letter in writing saying that they would delete the lates for a specific timeframe.


I am going to PM both of you the email address and the phone number I called. Good luck!

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Re: Any luck with Macys Goodwills?

I would love a pm for macys as well! I have ahd the acccount for 6 years with (3) 30 day lates

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Re: Any luck with Macys Goodwills?

I was able to have Macy's remove a late payment 30 day over the phone. I called about 10 times in 5 months and finally got to a person who removed the history. The letters didn't help me but the phone calls did!

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Re: Any luck with Macys Goodwills?

Can you please PM me with the e-mail address as well? It would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Any luck with Macys Goodwills?

Can I have a pm for the email also

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Re: Any luck with Macys Goodwills?

I have  CO with Macy's for a lousy $215 *hangs head in shame* I am debating contacting them, if they agreed I would pay it off immediately, heck I'll give them interest for any trouble I caused. But I'm worried they'll say no and it could impact any kind of dispute in the future, I'm in the process of disputing it now....I guess varify is the nice way to put it. It would save Macy's and I both the trouble, I pay and go away and they get their money and don't have to keep doing investigations.

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Re: Any luck with Macy's Goodwills?

Don't feel bad, I also have Macy's for a lousy $219 from 2007 and Bloomingdale's for $571.  That's about when life fell apart.   Now I'm trying to recover.  Please PM the number as well, not sure what the best approach would be..I was thinking about a settlement offer letters in exchange for a delete or just simply giving them a call to negotiate.  Would this be two separate calls...I believe they are the same bank.

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Re: Any luck with Macys Goodwills?

Hi there,

Would you mind PM'ing me the Macys phone number and email that you used as well?  Thanks so much. 

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