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Anyone ever had this problem?

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Anyone ever had this problem?

I go to Experian to do a dispute, I go through the whole process and at the very end it says that the system is not available at this time to call and dispute? Anyone ever called and done a dispute, does it take awhile?

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Re: Anyone ever had this problem?

Hi, I have not had your exact problem, but I just encountered a very similar problem. A few weeks back I did an online dispute through Experian and TransUniom at the same time. The Experian dispute seemed to go through ok, but I have not heard back land I never received any email confirmation that they even received dIspute. With transunion  I received email confirmation immediately and they removed the inaccurate account wthin a few days. But now especially with your post I am wondering if Experian even received my dispute. 

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