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Anyone have any advice on a child support judgment?


Anyone have any advice on a child support judgment?

Ok IM going to start of by saying please don't demonise me. I got behind after loosing my job and being unemployed for 8 months and then underemployed for almost 2 more years. They take my taxes and IM OK with that. As of right now IM 11k in the hole with WI child support, And even with being current on my payments for almost 3 years my child support worker said she can do nothing about the judgment, She advised me to get a loan and pay it off. Over the last year I have tried to get a loan and I was told they could do nothing until the judgment was paid off.. Any thoughts or strategies would be greatly appreciated.

BTW I make 35k a year and up until a year ago my payment was based on my old 55k a year. Wi is quick to raise your payment but when it comes to getting it reduced they are not so quick... thanks in advance

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Re: Anyone have any advice on a child support judgment?

have you asked the courts to readjust you support obligations? If you are making less and this isn't by your own doing, ie taking a lower paying job on purpose, then you can probably get the amount you owe each month adjusted. In terms of your arrears I would have your attorney contact your ex's attorney and see if you could work something out. It's essential that you tackle this ASAP as courts don't fool around with people that fail to pay support.

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Re: Anyone have any advice on a child support judgment?

You can have the judgement removed if you can pay in full or work something out with the exs attorney

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Re: Anyone have any advice on a child support judgment?

Courts, judges and usually the exes don't care about the guy. We get screwed in the end most of the time. My ex's attorney lied extensively in court to get her the weekly child sopport that she was awarded even though I had my numbers in black and white.  Her attorney would pull numbers out of the sky and the judge would go along with it. I went to have my CS modified when I was out of work. Instead of it going down, she was able to get it increased which put me about $13k in the hole. Worked out a deal later but I still got porked while she's living high on the hog. Never had a judgement on my CR for it though. Just figures through the court. Things probably vary by state so it could be best to check the laws and with an attorney in your area. 


Good luck!

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Re: Anyone have any advice on a child support judgment?

The judgment stands as the legal determination by the court that the debt is owed, and that you are required to pay.

Reaching terms with the judgment creditor on agreed terms to pay will preclude them from taking additional action, but the judgment is not satisfied until the debt is paid in full.


You can motion the court to vacate their judgment, but they wont grant any such motion until it is fully satisfied.

Once satisfied, many courts will still not vacate based on satisfaction.  They will require a showing of legal or procedural error in the judgment itself.

It varies from court to court.  Call the clerk of the judgment court and ask about the policy of your specific court.


An alternative is to find the party who reported the judgment, and request that they delete their own reporting.  That is usually tough to pursue, as judgments are public records that are often uncovered and reported through third parties.  Do you know the party who reported the judgment to the CRA?



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Re: Anyone have any advice on a child support judgment?

It took almost 6 months but I did get it reduced from 978 a month to a more manageable 497 a month, but the catch is I still owe back. As far as getting my ex to work with me, well child suport was paying her car payment and most of her house payment so I would have better luck buying a powerball ticket.. 

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