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Anyone have luck with ERC (Enhanced Recovery)?

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Anyone have luck with ERC (Enhanced Recovery)?

T-Mobile moved my collections account from Superior Asset to ERC (thank god! I was getting nowhere with SAM.  Tried sooo hard too).



This is giving me new life that I may be able to get this collections off once and for all.


So has anyone had luck in removing ERC from their credit report?  If so, what angle did you take?




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Re: Anyone have luck with ERC (Enhanced Recovery)?

ERC is a nightmare. I was just dealing with them on a collection from Kay Jewellers.


At least the rep i got was really rude even telling me that it was irresponsible not to pay my bills; without even knowing my personal situation. But I stayed calm. She said they would not remove the collections and Kay will not either. They will just report it as paid collection.


I hate to be that negative but my first experience with ERC was a nightmare. Hopefully yours is better. Let me know ho rthat turns out.

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Re: Anyone have luck with ERC (Enhanced Recovery)?

I just did a direct dispute with the CRA's after I couldn't get a hold of ERC.  They never bothered to send me a dunning letter EVER just like they never even bothered to "verify" the debt and it fell right off. 

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Re: Anyone have luck with ERC (Enhanced Recovery)?

Not the easiest to deal with in my experience with them.  Disputed with CRA, then DV letter, 2nd DV letter and complaint to ACA, then after compalint it was removed.  They never responded to any DV letter.  My account was also over 5 years old, so maybe that helped.  Good luck

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