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Anyone have their hard limit removed on Amex Plat?

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Anyone have their hard limit removed on Amex Plat?

I defaulted on my Amex Plat card back in 2016, ended up paying off the total balance in March of this year and had the card reinstated. They put a preset limit on it of $2000, but was told after 6 months I could call and see if it would be raised or removed. I called today (7th statement cut) and they said that when I agreed to reinstate my account it said in the agreement (apollo program is what she was referring to? I don't remember that being anywhere) I would have to have this $2000 for 3 years before being removed. 


Is this something others have experienced? I have seen a couple people on this forum have their preset limit removed way before 3 years after reinstating their account. I spend about $4k-$6k/mo on the card and pay it off completely each month. 


Any insight would be helpful! 

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Re: Anyone have their hard limit removed on Amex Plat?

Unfortunately, it's something that's different from person to person. There hasn't been any established ways to speed up the process. I currently have a 2k limit and from everything I've found online, it could take years to remove. Spending above the limit every month doesn't appear to have any bearing on their decision.

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