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Apartment in Collections and Judgement

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Apartment in Collections and Judgement

Okay, so my husband and I have horrible credit and we are trying to rebuild it. We have an apartment in our name from about 5 years ago that was an eviction cause of late rent, right now it's only our credit for about 6000$ and we also have it as a judgment against us which we didn't know about and it didn't show. Mind you we really owe aboue 1500...but from interest and lawyer fees and so on they now say we owe them 6000$.


So my question right now is I just received a letter to appear in court for them to garnish my paycheck in a few weeks. What and how should I handle this? We currently are rehabing 3 student loans and have been paying all our debt and plus barely getting by with our family. I don't have hardly a dime to give out, but I know if I get garnished they are going to take more than if I offered something. Should I call them before court? What do I say? And if I wait until court what do I do?


Thanks for everyone's help...We are really trying not to file bankruptcy..and fix this ourselves...but it sems like we can't do it fast enough for our creditiors.

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Re: Apartment in Collections and Judgement

Id consult with a lawyer.  Most of them give free consultations and can give you advise on what to do.  Consult with more then one just dont listen to the first one.  I dont believe there is anything for you to do now that a court date has been ordered.  Id do whatever I could to find representation for court.

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Re: Apartment in Collections and Judgement

Get a Lawyer now .... best strategy at this moment - look into your YellowPages for "Consumer Lawyers" - talk to a couple.  Do not panick - you need to have your head composed so you can handle this as best as you can.  Good Luck !



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