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Applied Bank Contacts


Applied Bank Contacts

Hello and Happy Sunday to everyone!


I am in the process of trying to take care of my credit and get to that wonderful road of great credit.  I have a charge off with Aplied Bank  which is due to stay on all 3 reports until May 2017, I would like to PIF this or settle, but I need some assistance. Does anyone have any contacts for Applied Bank? The balance is $174 and I would really like to be rid of them and have them either removed or updated to show no lates after it is paid or settled..Help



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Re: Applied Bank Contacts

I would like the contact info also..


OP if you call them you can ask for their "Clear your credit program" and if you pay in full they will clear up anything negative the past two years.. My Charge off is 6 years old so doen"t help me. I even tried sending them a DV letter that some have had good luck with in the past and they responded with a ton of info but not pfd offer.

Too many to list..
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Re: Applied Bank Contacts

I"m beginning to think that Applied Bank mail GW contacts are on the same level as the chupacabra. Many have heard, few have witnessed.




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Re: Applied Bank Contacts

Bump peoples..

Too many to list..
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