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Re: Applied Bank

That's exactly what they told me.
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Re: Applied Bank

I recently got Applied Bank to delete an old paid charged off cc account, 3 years of GW letters to other addresses never worked.  My last letter, new address, works.  Go figure.  Send me a PM and I'll forward anyone the address I used.

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Re: Applied Bank

Sorry Marcin I must correct this.



1) Applied Bank Card DOES do PFD's.  


They actually have a "Clear Your Credit" program.  It is current as of February 2013..... What they do is weed through the old derogatory or charged off accounts, locating the ones that are close to SOL.  They have a CA on behalf of Applied Bank do a hard type inquiry on your credit to ruffel your feathers and nudge you to move..  They don't need to do this... They can simply do a soft pull... So it's pretty clear that it's deliberate in it's intention.. Then you are contacted with an offer letter..  The letter will not mention details on the CYC, but will mention a settlement amount...  Key here is to contact them..  And be sure to be clear in stating that in no way are you admitting to owning the debt, although you are aware of it's existence on your credit file.  Also make it clear to the CA that it is SOL or pretty darn close to it...  It is also helpful to speed the conversation up by saying you would sooner pay the whole thing in full to have it removed entirely from your credit file, and it serves no purpose to pay for something that will continue to hurt your credit... Deletion is the only agreement on the table...  And yes, it is absolutely their option to delete this, and they can agree to it, without any question in violating FCRA... It's also important to just pay the whole damn balance.  It's probably the best good money you've thrown at the worst bad.... A Key-Derogatory is a seriously expensive credit trade line...  Your paying for it in less credit options, higher interest rates, and subprime lenders who look to bury you deeper...  


You can find many PFD letters online, and in the forums here...  It is very important to use language like "alleged debt" and making statements such as "in no way is what I am saying to be construed as an admission of any debt"....  Speak from a position of being willing to pay to get rid of the headache, but unwilling to pay if a clear  PFD cannot be agreed upon.  Make sure you have it all in writing...  And you may want to research more on pay for deletions and how they are done without violating FCRA.  It's all in the language... 

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