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Approved - Kay Jewlers

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Approved - Kay Jewlers

Was approved for Kay Jewlers card last night, $3200 CL.


Had the following on my report:


TU Score - 633

Utilizaltion - 70% (before)

Lates - numerous 30, 60, 90, a few 120, a few 150


It will bring my AAoA down some, but I think it will be for the better overall.

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Re: Approved - Kay Jewlers

Yes, as long as you are not seduced by the new line of credit, and begin builidng balances.

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Re: Approved - Kay Jewlers


Hello RobertEG,

What do you mean when you say "begin building balances." I was recently approved for a 2000.00 credit with Kay as well. Thanks.


Starting Score: TU 675 EX 643
Current Score: TU 702 EX 677
Goal Score: TU 730 EX 730

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Re: Approved - Kay Jewlers

It will help with utilization until you start building balances...  geared towards the op

01/11/2011: FICO:TU: 746
12/14/2010: FICO:EQ: 744
08/12/2011: FICO:EXP: 766
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