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I recieved a pre-selected letter for a Merrick Bank CC for a $500 limit that will auto CLI to 1K after 7 ontime payments.  There is No annual fee, no account set-up fee, no monthly service fee etc......I feel like this is the BEST that I can get after just coming out of ch7 bk 3 months ago.  This card is my highest limit.  I now have 2 Cap1 cards and now this Merrick Card.  I only want a total of 4, that I always PIF, but will wait to see about the Wally world card later until my TU FICO comes up a bit more.  I am truely blessed to have this luck/success and all of your help everyone!  btw, a free TU CC enhanced FICO everymonth as well.  Anyone know how long they take to show up on CB?

EQ8: 646 EQ5: 652 V3.0: 665 **8/2015
TU8: 635 TU4: 700 V3.0 :663 **8/2015
EX8: 636 EX3: 670 V3.0: ? **8/2015
CCD Util 35%

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Re: Approved!!

Congratulations!  I hope I also get the approval on that card.....waiting to hear.  Fingers crossed.

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