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As usual, I'm confused!

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Re: As usual, I'm confused!

novabama wrote:

Can you put that in laymans terms LOL

They have to tell you when the report.


It sounds like they're no longer reporting, though, so I'd just leave well enough alone.  Alerts from 2007 don't matter.  The current contents of your credit report are the important thing.

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Re: As usual, I'm confused!

Did they previously provide you notice of their collection, or did you only become aware of it by pulling your CR?

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Re: As usual, I'm confused!

I had no idea who or what ANFI was until today when I pulled the report. I saw it listed here in the forums, but until I checked, and saw it in the alerts, I hadn't seen or heard of it regarding myself.


I understand that from 2007 is quite a long time, and they're not showing in active collections, but I find it unsettling that I didn't know prior to 2012!

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Re: As usual, I'm confused!

hi thought I could ask some honest advice please, so I been attacking my credit hard, already got 5 or 6 negative items removed. some were easy others were a little bit harder. well anyways I have a charge from at&t with anfi anderson financial for $194 date of 1st delinquency is 11/07 so almost 5 years old (guess im wondering if i should try & wake a sleeping giant or not lol). do I try to get them to now validate this debt or try for a pfd & should I try to do now or wait till next month when it is officialy a 5 year old debt. ps. I live in IL. 

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Re: As usual, I'm confused!

I put my suggestion in the other thread.


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