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Asset Acceptance Contacts?

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Asset Acceptance Contacts?

Can anyone send me some contact info for Asset Acceptance?  I have tried writing them... now, I'd really like an email or fax number.



Any help will be greatly appreciated Smiley Happy





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Re: Asset Acceptance Contacts?

I don't have any contact information for you but please be very careful with Asset.  I've heard horror stories about what absolute scum these people are

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Re: Asset Acceptance Contacts?

Thanks. Yeah, I know.. they suck.  I got so tired of trying to PFD with them that I PIF. I was hoping since they gave me so much greif about the PFD, if I actually paid them in full and write a GW, they would be nicer. But, I realize they haven't been. I found a fax number for them, but they don't respond to them. ha. 



So, I guess maybe I will send them a certified GW letter every day for a month, or until I at least hear something!!  I've cleaned up EVERYTHING on my credit, this is the absolute last company left.. and obviously, I saved the worst for last! they are soooo hateful and do not care about anything, even when they get their money!



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Re: Asset Acceptance Contacts?

Hey, I hope this will be of some assistance. I have 2 numbers they are as follows: 1866-413-5968 ext. 0 and 1800-545-9931 ext. 7744. GOOD LUCK
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Re: Asset Acceptance Contacts?

Please do not call anyone at Asset as suggested below. They record phone conversations. I had a dealing with them...not good...long story. Keep it to email or regular mail. IME, the worst.


I would not even provide you with who I contacted because it would not do you or anyone else a bit of good since i got the run around and they did NOT honor the PFD agreement, until I had to take other measures....

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Re: Asset Acceptance Contacts?

thank you soooo much for the advice. 



I kinda had a feeling hubbo would be stuck with those 2 asset accounts. At least they do show PIF.. so, thats better than nothing. They were the absolute worst to deal with so far. I made the mistake of calling them first....  then i realized they must hire the most miserable people ever. 


Now maybe I can work on WFNNB and perhaps get THEM taken off. Every little bit counts, right?   


Thanks again Smiley Happy



I appreciate everyones help! 

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Re: Asset Acceptance Contacts?

Did you ever have success with Asset? I had WFNNB delete the derog from my account.. piece of cake. Asset on the otherhand.. letter to the CEO, two snail mail letters and still no luck.

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Re: Asset Acceptance Contacts?

Dont waste the CMRRR additional postage for a GW letter.

They are under no obligation to do anything with it.  Proof of date of receipt is really meaningless,when they can just chuck it in the trashcan..

Just do a single first class stamp.

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