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Asset Acceptance Success


Re: Asset Acceptance Success

I also had Asset Acceptance agree to drop efforts and delete tradelines today by a BBB complaint, just found out today. Should it also drop things from the original creditor, or is that another battle?

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Re: Asset Acceptance Success

that's another battle. in my situation oc was chase and they GW deleted

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Re: Asset Acceptance Success

I thought that might be the case, maybe since the BBB reponse was "AALLC has ben informed by the selling creditor that additional documents that support our claim are not readily available at this time" I can use the same approach.

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who is your oc?

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Re: re


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Re: re

Can someone school me in getting ONE item removed that is pass the SOL? Its from AAC

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Re: re

Just wanted to thank the original poster for this piece of info. This worked with my situation as well....


On a side note, I think the reason that AA does this is because their agreements (like other CA's) with the CRA's is that you cannot accept PFD's. However, when some complains that the info is inaccurate and AA could show the CRA's the paperwork (such as the BBB complaint), then allowing the deletion for that reason would be accepted (or at minimum wouldn't violate their terms of service. I don't blame AA for doing it this way, they are just protecting their business...


On another side note, I called them initially to settle the debt and they were very easy to work with IMO... I would recommend to anyone to settle with them if need be, and then if you need it removed from you CR, to handle that after....This is plan b, that is, if they won't accept PFD.


If only MIdland would handle it like AA, then maybe they would get some of my money also....

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Re: re

I tried this method and Asset Acceptance did not agree to delete. They are reporting as a factoring company and 120 lates on my husband's account which is paid. Any ideas how to proceed from here? I wrote back that I did not agree to the resolution.

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Re: Asset Acceptance Success

I got Asset Acceptance to remove the Collection from my account as well using the BBB route. They responded very fast and didn't give me any issues. Same letter. My score only improved about 9 points and all I have left on my account is Chase's charge off from 6 years ago. I guess that is what is really holding my score back.

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Re: Asset Acceptance Success

Can you PM me what you sent to the BBB.

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