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Asset Acceptance not reporting

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Asset Acceptance not reporting

I have a collection account with AACC that is not reported on my credit report. Should I pay before they report? Or do I need to a PFD letter even tho it is not reported as this time. Thanks.
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Re: Asset Acceptance not reporting

That is a tough one...I don't know the company.


BUT I have read horror stories about people paying CA's and **after** they paid, the CA's suddenly start reporting to the CB.


Maybe reword the letter a little to say that they will NOT report at all? 

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Re: Asset Acceptance not reporting

I would recommend that you DV them first...this will give you some time Then, i would try to pay the OC and fAST.


If you know you owe the money, maybe you can try to pay the OC first, pull it back from the CA.... What is the OC reporting on your credit report?


never call them - they record all conversations.



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