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Authorized User on American Express Gold Card

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Authorized User on American Express Gold Card

Hi everyone,


My sister has offered to add me as an authorized user on her American Express Gold Card to increase my credit score. Does Amex report to all three credit bureaus for Authorized users? I'm trying to boost my score because this company I want to work for does check credit and I have a 615 from Transunion. I know I need a 700 before I apply. I brought a student loan current last month and don't know exactly what my new score is. I have a secured Bank of America card and a Capital One Platinum. I have some lates from Sallie Mae which I brought current. 


So my question is will being an authorized user help my credit score? I haven't said yes, but if it'll help I'll definitely do it. 



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Re: Authorized User on American Express Gold Card

I don't know if I would get on an AMEX Gold to boost your score. AMEX Gold does not report a credit limit and if your sister does not pay her balance in full before every statement it could actually make your score go down.  

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Re: Authorized User on American Express Gold Card

Being an authorized user on AMEX may help your scores depending on how the card is used, how long your sister is an AMEX member, etc etc... 
But more then likely it will not boost your scores to reach 700.
To answer your question directly AMEX reports to all the credit bureau's for Authorized users.


Good Luck
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Re: Authorized User on American Express Gold Card

Absolutely! My boyfriend opened a new Amex and put me on..he didn't even have much history which is what I needed, I got an email that my score jumped 30 points! This is a great way to increases your score. take advantage now because the laws may soon be changing. Keep in mind also her credit history will now be yours so if she is late or has a high balance so will you.
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