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Auto Loan Refi Approval - Rebuild Successes

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Auto Loan Refi Approval - Rebuild Successes

I'm so excited and thankful for all of the info in this forum. 


At the beginning of March I settled 3 CC charge offs and a vehicle repo.  My score was around 526.  1 CC in collections was PFD, the other two with chase are showing closed and on report until 2023.  Vehicle repo is on report until 2025. 


I purchased a car at the end of March and financed $16,851 at 13.84% for 72 month with Ally.  I've paid it down to $14,034 in the last two months.  I was getting frustrated because there was still no tradeline showing for Ally after 3 months.  I reached out to them to see if there is an error and really didn't get much help from them.  I just decided to take a shot and see if I could get approved for a refi.  Today I was approved with Capital One for 60 months at 3.5%!!!  I really can't believe it, especially considering one of the CC charge offs and the repo were Cap One.  


I've opened the card below, Discover, Cap One and Apple I use daily, make sure AZEO at statement dates, the others I opened just to have more available credit.  Current scores are 636/638/649.  (they were a bit higher before the HP for the auto refi and Apple CC I added).  Now I'm just using and paying and waiting for accounts to mature and cards to graduate.  


Discover It Secured - $500 CL - use daily and pay off weekly to report low balance 

Cap One QS unsecured - $500 CL - use daily and pay off weekly to report zero balance 

Apple unsecured - $250 CL - use from time to time and pay off to report zero balance

Fingerhut - $500 - CL - zero balance - don't use

Wayfair - $350 CL - zero balance - don't use

Self CC - $525 -zero balance - don't use 


Any other advice you have to offer is much appreciated.  

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Re: Auto Loan Refi Approval - Rebuild Successes

Sounds like you're doing about as well as you can given your current circumstances. Just keep chugging along, don't miss any payments, and let time do its thing.

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