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Avoiding Catastrophe.

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Avoiding Catastrophe.

So I'll make this is brief as possible. I am with my fiance. She is paying the house payment, and most utilities. I help as much as I can.


I rought bring home $770 per week. Just changed my taxes so maybe I can bring home about $830 a week for the rest of this year.


My utilities 

Her and I phone plan $130

Internet for the house and tv $150

Auto and bike Insurance $$150 per month.


Debts from smallest to biggest and status


Paypal - $267 - account closed...150 days late

Ae - $269 - 150 days late account closed

gamestop $304 - current

Affirm $431 - account open....60 days late

Amazon - $889...account closed...150 days late

Avadian - $832...accoutn closed and charged off. Already recieved a letter from debt collector.

Citi - $1693...account charged off 2 months ago

Capitol one $2462 account charged off and closed 2 months ago

Rise - $2384...current $389 per month

Regional - $2469...account closed...150 days late $150 month

Net Credit - $6210.00..current $390 per month

One main - $7351.00..current $228 per month


Truck $44,462..30 days late...9k in negative $700 per month

Bike #1 is $13,179.00....current  $260 per month.

Biek #2...was $12900...sold last month used the last of my saving to get gone and paid it off.


I was making great money...didn't save..and lost my job. now my income is almost half...and I'm struggling. I'm trying to do everything I can to not file chapter 13. I want to pay my bills, and I have to learn how to manage money.


The problem is the amount of the payments are killing me. If I could get all these small ones knocked out I feel like I could get some steam rolling ahead, even if I just skipped all my other payments for one month.


Chapter 7 isn't an option before anyone suggest that....been there done that 4 years ago. I really realy want to fix my money issues. To the point I'm staying up all night stressed. Also my Fiance does all she can to help I can't ask anymore from her

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Re: Avoiding Catastrophe.

I must say you got a great fiance. Most would have bolted. But since your in this pickle. You can convert your 7 to a 13. If its past 4 yrs. You could qualify. seek a lawyers advice. It is fairly easy to convert your case in most courts. In fact, many courts say that you are absolutely entitled to convert under the Bankruptcy Code, even if one of your creditors or the trustee objects.

In order to convert your case, you will need to do the at least the following:

  • File a motion asking for the court's permission.
  • Send the motion to your creditors, the trustee, the U.S. Trustee, as well as any other interested party.
  • Attend a short hearing. You might have to attend the hearing, but if nobody objects to your motion, some courts will simply grant your request without a hearing.

Keep in mind that many courts require you to follow additional rules, so review the local rules published on your court’s website or consult with an attorney familiar with your court’s procedures.

My posts are JMHO. I DO NOT claim to be a FICO expert. Just sharing my experiences from rebuild to recovery after BK DC. My siggy is not to brag at all. Just to show fellow members what can be accomplished when you do it right and play the FICO Credit Game.
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Re: Avoiding Catastrophe.

She is wonderfull.


The thing is she want's me to resort to every means possible before I file a chapter 13. the 7 is done and gone

I really don't wanna file...some of my ideas were to get the little ones gone down the truck to something cheaper, cut the bills as quick as possible...example were dropping tv. then just work as much as possible...the charge off just deal with them in a few months.

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