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Awesome Citi GoodWill Success!


Awesome Citi GoodWill Success!

I've once again been going through a round of trying to clean up my credit reports and was absolutely floored when I got a call today from their executive offices. I had written one of their execs a letter explaining how I was a member of his former Congressional district and had been working hard to clean up my credit. I had settled this Citi account some time ago but it showed as a charge off settlement on my credit report. The person who called me said they are going to delete the chargeoff from all three of my credit reports and will be sending me a letter confirming this! 

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Re: Awesome Citi GoodWill Success!



Great work!


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Re: Awesome Citi GoodWill Success!

Thank you for sharing--this site has been so informative. I have been drumming my fingers on the table, waiting for my old negatives to drop off and never realized you could do such things as GW letters. Do you mind sharing the Citi contact info with me? I'd really appreciate it.

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Re: Awesome Citi GoodWill Success!

you think you could pass information for Citi over to me.. hoping to get a charge-off removed

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Re: Awesome Citi GoodWill Success!

Great deletion!

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Re: Awesome Citi GoodWill Success!

This is Excellent news..............If you don't mind Could you PM me the contact information............I also have CO I would like to get removed my my reports

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Re: Awesome Citi GoodWill Success!

Could you also PM the contact information?  Thanks.

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Re: Awesome Citi GoodWill Success!

Hey if anyone gets the info... for Citi.... can you please pass to me???     Have a old CO im trying to get removed.   Thx

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Re: Awesome Citi GoodWill Success!

Do you mind PM me the contact info please?

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Re: Awesome Citi GoodWill Success!

If you anyone gets info   please pass to me

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