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Awesome rebuilding experience so far!!

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Awesome rebuilding experience so far!!

So since my last post and a FICO of 560ish I am now at 674!!!! I know I know... Nothing to brag about but a big leap for me In such a short time (4/5 months)

I was stuck in a horrible auto loan with a 14% interest rate, I had no revolving credit and couldn't get any, and had some serious student loan delinq's (7 total- all either default or 120+ past due). This was all brought on by a death in the family and a poor paying job about 4 years ago.

As of today

All student loans rehabbed and consolidated- all showing pays as agreed with payment history from original start date

6 revolving accounts-
J.crew/comenity - 500$
Express/comenity - 500$
The buckle/comenity- 300$
Capital one classic platinum- 300$
Élan financial secured- 300$
And.... The best part
CHASE FREEDOM cash rewards! - 1000$!

I currently hold an auto loan through ally with 9.9% financing, nothing special but a huge drop from the past loan.

I still have 2 paid CO CC Accts with GEMB Old navy, and paypal- they will not budge for anything and I fear they are stuck permanently.... Well for 5 more years. I have 12 HP's but about half are 1.3 years old. The others are from 2/3 months ago and today.

I'm really hoping that by this time next year I'll be sitting nice with AT LEAST a 700 fico and some nice credit limits on my revolving Accts.

Definitely want to say thank you to every member here who helps out and if there is anything I can answer or help with just ask away.
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Re: Awesome rebuilding experience so far!!

Remember, it took a while to trash your credit and it takes even longer to climb out of the valley. Congradulations on your accomplishments. The key is pay on time every month.

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Re: Awesome rebuilding experience so far!!

What kinda score did you have when you were approved for the Freedom card?
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Re: Awesome rebuilding experience so far!!

How did u get a loan to reconsolidate? I'm trying to consolidate about 30,000 in cc debt and was denied bc of my credit score

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Re: Awesome rebuilding experience so far!!

Freedom was this month.

Reconsolidation was on student loans and by salie Mae. I just filled out paperwork and was completed.
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Re: Awesome rebuilding experience so far!!

Congrats!! I  Keep it up youll see 700 in no time!

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Re: Awesome rebuilding experience so far!!

So u recnsolidated ur student loans?


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