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BBB Complaint

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BBB Complaint

I filed a complaint with the BBB against EMC Mortgage Co with whom I had a mortgage back in 2005.  Currently they are reporting my mortgage as 120 days past due foreclosure process started.  This home was sold in 10/06 and never went into foreclosure.  I understand that when you pay 90-120 days late some banks consider that as a foreclosure.  I disputed the incorrect reporting with each CRA and each CRA stated it was reporting correctly after verifying with EMC.  Today I received a response from EMC regarding my BBB complaint.  They submitted a letter that reads "Your inquiry to EMC Mortgage Corporation dated 5/12/09 was forwarded to me for research and response.  Unfortunatley, we have been unable to identify the credit reporting mrs myfairlady is referring to.  Please provide us with additional information such as the EMC loan number reported on the credit report or a copy of the credit report in question so we can further research this issue.  Ms. myfairlady also may file a dispute directly with the credit bureaus."


Well, I have already filed a dispute with each CRA and they each have stated the account has been validated by EMC.  When I filed the complaint with the BBB regarding EMC I submitted my social security number along with the EMC loan number.  I have a copy of every page that was submitted with this BBB complaint and there is no reason they need this additional information as it was already applied. 


Please tell me what else can I do to get this account deleted for incorrect reporting as the creditor is wasting time.  I have been dealing with this company since 1/11/09. 


Pleae help me!!!

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