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BOA CEO/Executive's email?

New Member

BOA CEO/Executive's email?

Hello Everyone, 

Please I need the email address of the CEO/President/Executive for BOA. Please PM me if anyone has it.


Thank you...

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Re: BOA CEO/Executive's email?

Here it is and also for anyone who needs it. 





I have tried it myself, and I actually got a call from someone in charge of the office of the president who looked into my case and later said that he couldn't erase my negatives on the account because they have to report accurate information to the bureau. Hopefully you have luck with it


This post has been edited to remove contact information.  You may PM that information, however it is not allowed in the open forums.


Thank you,

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Re: BOA CEO/Executive's email?

Thanks so much. I sent an email today, hopefully I'll get a call back. I just need to get my late fees waived. I've called them numerous times and their customer service always say they can't help. I was a couple of months late, and got charged late fees.



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Re: BOA CEO/Executive's email?

Can anyone also PM me this information?  I am trying to get approved for a mortgage loan and was denied because of some 30 day late payments on my previous BOA mortgage.  Desperately hoping that I can get them removed....

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Re: BOA CEO/Executive's email?

Could anyone PM me the email address as well??  Thank you!

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