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BYE BYE Diversified Consultants (DCI)!

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BYE BYE Diversified Consultants (DCI)!

They added themselves on my husbands credit report, we received NO duning letter, or any notification.  I know it was NOT there last week,  because I check Credit Karma every week and I renew CCT every 2 weeks!


I did a CFPB complaint against the company and just got a response that they have ceist collection and are submitting to have the collection removed from the CRA!


I am praying this helps my husbands score go back up, since this was a "NEW" collection according to credit karma, but in fact they were on the report last year, removed March 2016, went to ERC who removed it and now DCI is back! LOL  This is for SPRINT!



Starting all over again!
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Re: BYE BYE Diversified Consultants (DCI)!

Oooh! This gives me hope! I pulled my Experian today and there's a new collection on there listed from a year ago but I've never heard of/from the place in either writing or phone calls. only on Experian, too. Just popped in out of the blue!
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Re: BYE BYE Diversified Consultants (DCI)!

Good luck!
Starting all over again!
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Re: BYE BYE Diversified Consultants (DCI)!

Glad it worked out and you were aware enough to be on top of it from the beginning.

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