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Bad times


Re: Bad times

With a 675 score and no neg, I would not file a BK.


I had a situation similar to yours. I was in the military and receive VA disibility, and still worked full time for years. I was actually in a decent situation. I then experienced some medical problems that put me out of work for a few years. Then both of my parents fell ill. I was traveling back and fourth across the country to help with one of them. I started using cards often for travel expenses airlines, rentals, Uber, meals etc. Then  one of my dogs got really sick bills piled up more. We have a decent household income, as my SO makes good money. He held down the fort with things like mortgage , utilities, and even some of my credit cards,   but it piled up quick, payments were high and soon eating up all my cash. I make 50k tax free from the  VA. of course I like nice things too. 

On top of my regular medical issues, I fell into a psychological funk. Caregiver stress/ burnout, and intense grief. I lost my mom after sitting at her bedside in the ICU 24/7 for 3 weeks, I lost a good friend the day I returned home from burying her, less than a year later I lost my dog, my uncle, and my sfepfather. I could barely get out of bed. Then a few months later I got COVID and lost my other dog, credit was all over the place. Util was 110%, payments on time sometimes ( minimums only). 

I got out of whatever mindset I was in. I talked to the doc about working. He said it was ok to try part time. I did some Instacart, then I took a part time 20 hr a week retail job at my favorite store. I still do some Instacart on the side here and there. I sell on eBay. Mercari, and Posh. I started with my own stuff I needed to clean out,  now I sometimes buy and resell for profit.


You can put an ad on to do errands for people., it's a long story.  But my point is I wiped out my credit card debt in 6 months, and brought my scores from 500's to over 700's in 6 months. 

I understand it's a long story, but it can be done.  BK is last resort.


Do what you have to do until you find what you want, try like hell not to use the cards. Don't file BK just hustle.

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Re: Bad times

@Nikita2008, thanks for the very inspiring account!

I categorically refuse to do AZEO!

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Re: Bad times

Hi, I really hope your situation improves.


From what you have posted, it doesn't seem "dire" just "bad" right now. Like the other posters have said suggested, you just have to do EVERYTHING. If you can work at Amazon or something else to supplement, just do everything you can so that you can keep up your payments.


Also, may lenders are offering some kind of COVID relief, like not reporting lates, etc. See what you can do there, too.


Keep interviewing for your real job and do EVERYTHING else you can around that.


Good luck. Keep your head up, it's bad, but it could really be worse. 


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