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Bank of America GW Contact?

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Bank of America GW Contact?

Does anyone have an e-mail address or a contact for a GW to Bank of America?


I can't wait 3 months to have this CO fall off!!!

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Re: Bank of America GW Contact?

When it comes to Bank of might just have to wait for the 3 months.....I have an account that will hopefully fall of next year....wish I were in your shoes.

BoA is just not known to be goodwill friendly.

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Re: Bank of America GW Contact?

I'm lucky, I live in New York State so I get the 5 year rule on paid baddies. I've been a Bank of America customer for 10 years, long before and long after the charge off. I'm basically at a stand still on anything happening on my report/score for the next 3-5 months when everything falls off...and I want to see good things before then! I can wait, I just don't want to!

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Re: Bank of America GW Contact?

Be prepared to politely remind the CRA(s) that you live in NY.  Sometimes they "forget".  Give it until the end of the month (of the 5 year mark) before you contact them.

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Re: Bank of America GW Contact?

I know, I've been watching them! I can't remember, TU I think that shows drop off dates? Already have the 2013 dates listed...I'm actually really excited to call them and tell them they need to take it off, I'll feel accomplished at the end of it instead of like I had to wait for it!


I can't wait to see what having 3 CO's and 8 CA's fall off will look like!

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Re: Bank of America GW Contact?

pm sent 

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Re: Bank of America GW Contact?

can you please pm me the contact info thank you 

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