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Bank of America: Goodwill Lates or ReOpen Account

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Bank of America: Goodwill Lates or ReOpen Account



I closed a Bank of America CC account around 2009 and have been on their "hardship program" since then to pay off the $4,000.00 balance. They never charged-off the account nor reported it to any CA, so long as I kept with my $100 / month payment.   I finally managed to pay off the balance this month.


Given that it is one of my oldest accounts  - opened since 2004, I do not want to close it, despite the fact that it has a number of lates particularly before 2010 (see account history below).  Since 2010 however, I have kept up with the payments: the only exceptions are during July-September 2010 & October to December 2012 when I forgot to call the Bank and renew my installment payments, and the account went late.


So I need advice regarding two things:


1.  I want to get the lates removed (in particular) - those occuring in 2010 and 2012.  This is because the lates weren't intentional but my inability to cope with the Bank's administrative demands to call and extend the payment program.  Nevertheless, I accept the responsibility - so when I write a GW letter, should specify that I only want those lates removed, or just leave it to their discretion?  I read a lot here about the difficulties in getting GW from BoA.  What has worked for members here -- go to the branch, email execs, call customer service?


2.  Since I need more revolving credit, should I contact the bank to re-open the account - I doubt they would do it since my scores are still low - low 500s (they already denied me in June 2012 - and they pulled Experian - which had most baddies).  Or


3. Should I rather get some baddies removed, improve my score and then ask them to re-open the account?



cheers, Oy



Account History for Closed Bank of America Card:
60 days past due as of Mar 2007, Feb 2007, May 2006 to Sep 2006
30 days past due as of Dec 2012, Nov 2012, Oct 2012, Sep 2010, Aug 2010, Jul 2010, Aug 2009, Mar 2008 to Jun 2008, Dec 2007, Jan 2007, Apr 2006

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Re: Bank of America: Goodwill Lates or ReOpen Account

I would try the goodwill route and see if they will remove the lates.  If you have other baddies since 2010 I would work on those first. You can ask them if they will reopen the account. If you do they will pull your credit before giving a decision. Not too many lneders will re-open an acocunt that is closaed. (in my experiance)

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