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Barclays Charge Off and SOL

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Re: Barclays Charge Off and SOL

@Hanshi wrote:
Im X'ing my fingers things stay as they are. They have left me alone for 5 years with no file updates and im approaching SOL at 6.
Im on full disability (FED) so they cant garnish which may be one of the reasons I have dodged a bullet. I do have a lawyer who helps me out and took care of a couple of nasties who came after me.
Since im at 5 years from DOFD it might be best to let this age off at the 7.5 years.
Unless anyone has anything else in mind?
At 7 years maybe try a EE unless thats risky?

Although the FCRA states 7 years plus 180 days, Credit Buearus remove it within 7 years. You can request an early exclusion from TU 6 months early, EX 3-4 month early, and EQ 1 month early. In alot of cases they automatically fall off a few months shy of the 7 year mark.

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Re: Barclays Charge Off and SOL

There's one error in that response.  Creditors cannot legally "re-age" an account when it is transferred from the creditor to a collection agency, or from one collection agency to another.  If that happens to you, send a strongly-worded and specific objection to the credit bureaus, and you should be able to clean up the problem.  If not, you will be entitled to sue and recover damages and penalties.

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Re: Barclays Charge Off and SOL

Great info
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