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Barclays free Fico Alert

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Barclays free Fico Alert

I got an email saying there was a change in my score (Barclay's free TU Fico) and when I went to the site, no change.....what could be the problem?

Starting Score: May 2013 EQ: 577 TU: 537 EX: 555
Current Score: EQ: 634 TU: 617 EX: 639
Goal Score: ALL 720+

In the Garden Until August 2018 Last App June 2016
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Re: Barclays free Fico Alert

Curious to find out myself. Got 2 alerts already but score still shows as of 09/30. Since my 6th statement cut recently I would assume Barclays did a new SP so I expected an updated score. But stays stuck Smiley Sad
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Re: Barclays free Fico Alert - first score update today !

Today I got the 4th alert that my score has changed...and yes this time with a result. Smiley Happy ...Barclays Fico came with 779 for TU as of 11/29..and this is the exact score I was given on the phone from BofA when I did my CLI a couple of days ago....looks that it is working now.
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