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I have a TL reporting on CR from Beneficial.  The only thing showing is there are like 6 late payments all 30-60 days.  I do not remmeber being late that many times.  Some yes but not that many.  We paid this off back in February so no harm there.  I sent a DV to Beneficial with regards to the debt and the lates.  I sent this request to two seperate addresses. 


I received two replies

First one states Unable to complete your request at this time due to unable to locate account.


The second states that they cannot verify the debt or information because they are unable to locate the account.  They will send request to all three CRA's to delete tradeline.  Then it states " please show this letter to the intended party to show our intent"  (not exact working but almost)


Does this mean that I can send both copies of these letters to the CRA's and tell them that they were unable to validate so I want it removed?  Just looking for someone else's opinion on this matter.  Curious as to how others would handle this.

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Re: Beneficial

Yes you can send to the CRAs reporting.
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